Routine Maintenance Plans

Customized to Meet Your Requirements

Hitachi T&D Solutions, Inc. offers full maintenance programs on-site using state-of-the-art equipment from manufacturers such as Doble, Programma, Vanguard, Megger, and DILO. Testing services include Mega Ohm Meter, Micro Ohm Meter, SF6 Reclaiming Cart, SF6 Leak Detector,SF6 Purity Analyzer, and breaker analysis. We can tailor our plans to meet your specific requirements.

Seasonal Inspection
& Testing
Routine Maintenance Periodic Maintenance


  • Mega Ohm Meter
  • Micro Ohm Meter
  • SF6 Leak Detection
  • SF6 Purity Analysis


  • Heater Inspection
  • Heater Function Check
  • Inspect Air / Hydraulic System
  • SF6 Gas Inspection
  • Contact Resistance Check
  • Capacitance Check
  • Insulator Resistance Check
  • Calibration of air, hydraulic & gas pressure devices
  • Dashpot Oil Inspection
  • Breaker Lubrication
  • Inspect air and gas system for leaks
  • Inspect Bushings
  • Inspect Operating Curves
Routine Maintenance plus:
  • Interrupter inspection and parts replacement if necessary
  • Internal Measurement Test
  • Compare final test data with original factory test data

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